Bei Babybauchshooting Muenchen in den Bergen entstandenes Schwangerschaftsfoto von Bambinizeit

Maternity Photoshoot

Capture the magic of your pregnancy with a maternity photoshoot in Munich or the surrounding areas. If you want to make this phase of your life truly unforgettable, a maternity shoot is the perfect choice for you. My goal is to preserve your pregnancy exactly as you experience it – natural, authentic, and brimming with emotions.

Fotografin Carolin Kiendl von Bambinizeit für dein Babybauchshooting München

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Passionate mom of three wonderful children, wife to an amazing man, and dedicated photographer. Maternity shoots, alongside newborn and family sessions, are my major focus.

Another significant passion of mine is music - I constantly immerse myself in the tunes of my favorite artists, singing along (even if my husband claims it sounds off-key). But what I love even more is dancing at concerts to my favorite songs.

With three kids, there's always plenty of action, especially when we're out and about on playgrounds or by the lakes. I find relaxation in cooking or simply indulging in a good book.

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The Perfect Maternity Shoot Munich

You've decided to have a maternity photoshoot and are on the hunt for the perfect photographer? I aim to capture memories that last a lifetime, bringing a unique perspective and eye to every shot. Throughout, your emotions take center stage, as I photograph you in a natural documentary style.

Imagine I'm a friend accompanying you, discreetly capturing moments with you or your loved ones. Whether outdoors in nature or at your home, in a familiar setting, I avoid posed shots, opting for genuine emotions that capture the real you. That's my approach to photographing you.

If you're seeking a photographer who will preserve your unique maternity journey – because every pregnancy is something extraordinary and one-of-a-kind – as a companion and not just a photographer, then get to know me. Feel free to inquire about your personalized maternity photoshoot with no obligation!

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schwangere Frau in schönem Bohokleid bei Babybauchshooting Muenchen fotografiert


Babybauchshooting München. Schwangere Frau natürlich i Hohem graß von Carolin Kiendl - Bambinizeit fotografiert



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Babybauchshooting München. Schwangere Frau natürlich am See vor Bergpanorama von Carolin Kiendl - Bambinizeit fotografiert


1. As a mother of three, I understand the immense value of preserving memories from each of my pregnancies. These captured moments can be revisited at any time, allowing you to cherish them. Reason number 1 for a maternity photoshoot.

2. You might be familiar with the concept of the 'pregnancy glow' that many women rave about during this extraordinary time. Your hair shines, your skin glows, and the sparkle in your eyes is simply magical. My personal second reason for a maternity photoshoot.

3. Siblings, grandparents, godparents, and especially the unborn child itself will appreciate having the maternity photos in their hands, as they may not have had the opportunity to be present during your photoshoot. The last and most significant reason for your maternity photoshoot.

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Babybauchshooting München. Schwangere Frau natürlich in hohem Gras von Carolin Kiendl - Bambinizeit fotografiert
Babybauchshooting Bambinizeit Paerchen in den Bergen

Maternity Photoshoot at the Lake in Munich

Maternity Photoshoot in the Mountains

"Thank you so much - I've already sent my favorite to my mom - didn't know how beautiful it would turn out on the rock. My family was super impressed too. I find all the photos from our maternity photoshoot really beautiful. My boyfriend and I have discussed it, and we would love to do the newborn photoshoot with you, as we really like the style of your images."

"Wow Caro, the pictures from our maternity photoshoot are absolutely stunning! We truly come alive in front of your camera. We haven't met a photographer who can capture the mood in a picture like you do – you're doing an amazing job, and I am so in love with your images – it couldn't be better! You've photographed us just as we are! Thank you, and looking forward to the newborn photoshoot with you."

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Foto von Bambinizeit Babybauchshooting Muenchen bzw. Schwangerschaftsshooting in der Natur in München


Both the maternity period and the first days with your little miracle are unique and irreplaceable! Seize the opportunity and book my popular combination package. By doing so, you save over 10% compared to individual prices.

You'll receive a maternity photoshoot and a newborn photoshoot, complete with everything included, all at a discounted rate of over 10%.


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